August 26, 2015

Make a movie for your website

To help you stand out amongst your competitors is to include video on your website. Immediately viewers can see your personality and judge whether they can trust your business to do what they offer.

Making a movie can be approached in several ways… Come up with your 10 most asked questions by customers and answer them to the point, and even throw in some advice to show you know what you’re talking about. Another way to promote yourself in video is to talk about the main aspects of your business – how your business started, your motivation, how your business is better and different to competitors. To show your customers your place of business can also be another way to lure them to you – show off your reception with people waiting, where you deal with your clients, demonstrate your products or services, show off your spacious carpark.

Conclude your video with a “call to action”, inviting them to make a purchase or get in touch.

You don’t need to spend to make a movie. Simply stand in front of a plain background, or at your place of business. And you don’t have to be a talented actor, just be yourself and be enthusiastic! Then to edit your movie use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, and VideoHive to purchase stock footage and motion graphics.

Movies can attract more viewers to your website and improve your search engine ranking too! Once you’ve made your movies create a YouTube account and upload your movies. Be sure to include your keywords into the Title, Description and tags, and add your website address at the beginning of the Description. Then upload your movies to your website.

So grab a camera and keep your movie portfolio growing by regularly creating movies to entice potential customers.

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