August 25, 2015

Improve your SEO

Does your website appear in the top 3 positions of a Google search for a certain phrase? If not then to get your products and services found you need to look at improving your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and it’s not that hard.

This does not just mean a phrase with your business name, it means what potential customers might enter into Google to find you, for eg. “Nursery Melbourne”, “Landscape Designer Melbourne” or “buy plants online”.

Step 1 Keyword Research: Think of relevant words related to your business and also your area, then see how many searches they get on Wordtracker. If they number is low then you may choose another keyword instead. You need a different keyword for each page of your site, so your Homepage might be “Nursery Wallan”, the webpage about Natives may be “Natives Wallan” and the garden design service page might be “Landscape Designer Wallan”.

Step 2 Onsite Optimisation: Now you need to put your keywords onto your website – Title tag, Description tag, Headings and Text, for example:
Title tag: Nursery Wallan & Garden Supplies Wallan
Description tag: Wallan Nursery boasts the biggest range of garden supplies in the Kilmore, Wallan, Broadford area.
Heading: Affordable Nursery in Wallan VIC

You can update the Title and Description tags for your website by logging into your Dashboard. If you’re not sure contact CWDD.


Step 3 Link Building: The last thing to do is increase the incoming links to your website. Ask your friends, family and long-term clients if they’d be willing to add a link from their website (or blog or social media) to yours. If you can include keywords into the links that’s even better. And they don’t just have to link to your home page, they can link to other pages of your website. Then submit your website to free directories. (CWDD developed a website called Livestock to Sell). Directory Maximizer can submit your website to hundreds of directories for you. You can also leave comments on blog posts and forums related to your business. Visit Google Alerts to generate links and monitor keywords.

To measure your success you can simply type your keywords into Google so see where you rank. Or purchase Authority Labs to instantly see where all of your terms rank and how they rank against competitors. Contact CWDD for a better price to connect to Authority Labs.

!!Once last tip, keep posting new content on your website to boost your SEO. Whether it’s just adding more info or pages to your website, or include a Blog or News section where you can regularly post any news or interesting articles related to your business.



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